Welcome to RJS Ballet

It was my vision to create a dance school where students get the best possible training, whilst also feeling part of a welcoming and inclusive community. A community where each individual is celebrated and a place where your true colours can shine.

Ruth Summerskill


Dear Valued Customer

I would like to personally welcome you to RJS Ballet and thank you for choosing RJS Ballet for quality dance education.  At RJS Ballet we are committed to providing you with leading dance education. We are proud of our fun, creative and magical dance classes that are professional, organised and inclusive. In response to the pandemic I feel that the well being of our members needs to be nurtured more than ever before.

Our mission is:

To be West Yorkshire’s 1st choice for quality, ballet training.

Where members embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build confidence, emotional, social and physical well being.


Our vision is:

To nurture confidence and instil a sense of purpose allowing our communities true colours to shine.















At RJS Ballet you will not only learn how to dance with correct technique, you will also learn valuable and transferable life skills.  We celebrate each and every member and want to see your true colours shinning as you dance and make friends at RJS Ballet.

 Here is a list of some of the benefits of dance:

·         Commitment

·         Communication skills are developed

·         Passion

·         Perseverance, the ability to take and respond to constructive criticism.

·         Team work

·         Work as an Individual and work towards a goal

·         Self care

·         Friendship

·         Improved confidence

·         Awareness of a healthy, balance lifestyle

·         Improves independence and teaches you how to be an organised and a reliable person

At RJS ballet we aim to build a strong community and family feel within the school. We want everyone to feel valued, welcome and able to let their individuality shine. Each student at the school will be encouraged to try their best and reach their own potential in dance. If at any time you are not happy in my school I hope that you will come to me to discuss any issues.

“Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work”

Vince Lombardi

Not every student who attends RJS Ballet will become a professional dancer. However it is my hope that all students will develop a love and understanding of dance that will last a life time. Each and everybody that learns to love dance secures the future of the art. I hope you will continue to share your love of dance that was nurtured during your time at RJS Ballet.

I have danced since I was 3 and have been passionate about dance my whole life, this led to me dancing professionally and gaining valuable industry experience. I adore sharing my passion and knowledge of dance with all of my students. My own training was not always a quality one. I found that I had not been trained with the correct technique at my first dance school. This has inspired me to ensure that all of my students are provided with a strong and secure dance foundation so that they do not have to retrain as I did. The retraining process has made me a more effective teacher and has helped influence my own teaching practice. I have a degree in dance, many teaching qualifications with the Royal Academy of Dance. I am also a qualified primary school teacher who specialised in early childhood education and I feel that the fusion of formal education and dance provides me with a very strong knowledge base.

I hope that you feel secure in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

All RJS Ballet staff are DBS checked, have first aid, safeguarding training and are continually taking part in CPD activities to keep up to date with industry standards. 

Quality dance education helps prepare children for school, at RJS Ballet your child will learn:

·         How to follow rules

·         How to take turns

·         How to answer questions  and speak with confidence

·         Develop their imagination and have confidence to express themselves through movement and music.

·         Music  and movement has been proven to improve reading skills

·         Cognitive thinking

·         Gross and fine motor skills are developed – this helps with writing

·         Dance games help with maths and literacy

·         Dance class gets your child use to structure, discipline and etiquette of the classroom in a fun and relaxed environment

·         Develop individuality and feel included

·         Make friends

·         Learn new skills

·         Learn to be independent from parents for a short time, a wonderful preparation for school days

·         Learn how to look after belongings and dress and undress independently

·         Learn to try your best and never give up

·         Have fun and move freely in a safe space

Our baby ballerinas program is linked to the national curriculum used in school. We also play educational games combined with dance to prepare your child for school and give them a head start in main stream education. Our internationally recognised exams also earn you UCAS points that can be used when applying for university.

As West Yorkshires 1st choice for quality dance education we have intentionally created an industry leading curriculum that inspires our members to reach their full potential. 

         I hope you enjoy reading through the information provided in this pack. Please do share the information with your child so you can all get the best possible experience of RJS Ballet. If you are a new student I welcome you once again and hope you enjoy a long and happy journey at RJS Ballet. If you have been a customer for some time, I want to thank you again for choosing RJS Ballet.

             I want to thank you all for supporting me and RJS Ballet during the difficult time of Covid 19. It has certainly been an unexpected and character building experience. We are stronger together and we will get through this difficult time.

If you do want discuss anything with me my door is always open.


Please email me dance@rjsballet.com and we can make arrangements for a phone or video call.

I really do believe that together we can make RJS Ballet an exemplary dance school and lead dance education.

Thank you

Miss Ruth Summerskill



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