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RJS Ballet  - Dance Studio

 Unit 3, Drumhill House, Clayton Lane, Clayton, Bradford BD14 6RF

We are 5 mins away from Halifax but we have a Bradford postcode.

Tel: 07858177571


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Can I  attend event or holiday clubs if I am not a student of RJS Ballet?

Yes! You will be made very welcome at RJS Ballet.

Can boys come to class?

Absolutely! Boys are very welcome at RJS Ballet.

How are classes paid for?

Classes are paid for monthly on the 1st of each month by standing order.

Is there parking?

We have free on street parking, and it is also free in the Fleece Pub car park. We ask you not to use Drumhill House car park as this is for business owners only.

How can I reserve a place in class?

Once you have paid your monthly fee and completed the enrolment papers you have enrolled. After your introductory period you may need to pay for the remainder of that month. Then payments will be due on the 1st of the following month.

Do you have disabled access?

Our building is accessible for disabled customers and people with prams. We have a lift to avoid the steps coming into the building. All we ask is that you let us know that you are coming to ensure the lift is turned on.

How do I join the waiting list if a class is full?

Your name will be added to the waiting list of your chosen class and you will be offered an alternative class. When a place becomes available, that place will be allocated to the person at the top of the list.

How much does a class cost?

In general classes are based on the following costs unless we have a special offer or course running. There is also a discount if you enrol onto our membership packages.

30 min class, 1x per week £22 per month.

45 min class, 1 x per week £28 per month.

60 min class, 1 x per week £34 per month.

90 min class 1 x per week £82 per month (vocational level ballet).

Private lessons £30 for £30 min. 

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial. We offer a discounted introductory period, 3 classes at a significant discount. This gives you 2 weeks to see if RJS Ballet is for you.

  • 1st Position Program - £10 for 2 classes.

  • Junior Gifted & Talented Program - £20 for 2 classes – normal price £45 per month.

All other programs we offer you to pay for one week so you can see if you like it before paying your monthly fees.

  • Senior Gifted & Talented Program - £15.00 for the first class – normal price £60 per month.

  • Pre professional Program - £20 for the first class – normal price £82 per month.

  • Adult ballet & dance fit- £7 for the first class - normal price £26 per month.

Can I pay weekly?

No, fees must be paid for monthly on the 1st of each month by standing order.

Can I attend another dance school?

It is your choice if you attend multiple schools, but it is not advisable as every teacher teaches differently and can slow your progress down. Please talk to Ruth you have any queries about this. 

Can I enrol anytime during the year?

Yes, you can.

Do you close for bank holidays?

Yes. We are closed for bank holidays. If your class falls on a bank holiday you will be offered an alternative class.

Can I bring my friend to join?

Yes. Please also bring the child's parent so they can sign the permission forms. Let us know when you are bringing your friend and take part in our referral program to get rewarded for recommending your friends.

What age can my child start dancing?

We take children from 18 months of age.

Is my child too old to start dancing?

You are never too old to start dancing. It is important to be placed in the appropriate class, so that your needs will be met. We will place you in a class that best suits your needs.


I am an adult am I too old to start dancing? 

Adult beginners are always welcome. There is no upper age limit for exams and exams are optional.


What should I/my child wear for the trial class?

Wear something comfortable. Leggings or shorts and a t-shirt would be perfect. Gripped socks are also very useful.

Do you have a uniform?

Yes, we do. All uniforms are available from RJS Ballet office and from our online shop – If items are not in stock please pay for your items and we will order your items. We stock shoes, leotards and tights at the studio.

Do I have to do exams?

We encourage all students to take part in exams, but exams are optional. When are exams held? Exams are normally held during the spring/summer.

Do I need to bring anything to my first class?

Please bring a water bottle, a small snack (for children), Tie hair back and dress comfortably and ready to dance. Please do not bring valuables and toys in case you lose them.

How often do you do a show?

RJS Ballet shows are held in November each year. We also do a dance gala in June. Performance opportunities are very important at RJS Ballet, and we love to dance in the community as much as possible. The community performances we have done so far are in galas, outdoor events, churches, care homes and schools.

Do I have to take part in the show?

We encourage all children to take part in shows. If you do not want to take part in the show you must opt out by informing the school Principal in writing.

Do you pay for missed classes?

You pay for your place in class. If you miss a class, you must still pay for your place in class. We can offer an alternative class in the same month, but classes cannot be accumulated, and fees must be paid.

Can we just turn up for replacements classes?

Please do not just turn up for alternative classes. We need to know that you are coming and make sure that there is an available place in the alternative class.

Do you open during school holidays?

We close the first 2 weeks of August and for 2 weeks at Christmas. During other school holiday may run a reduced timetable depending on the number of children missing class or we close and provide a day of dance once the schools reopen and our students are available for classes. You will be informed of this in advance.

Is there somewhere I can wait whilst my child is in class?

We do not have a waiting area, but Clayton has a library, cafes, pubs, and shops that you can use.

Do I have to leave my child?

Yes, unless your child is in the first position program (ages 2-3.5) where a parent stays. All staff are DBS checked and first aid trained. We will call you if there is any problem. If you are worried, we advise you to wait in your car, so you are near. We want to ensure that you and your child feel comfortable and settled. We can send you photo updates when your child is settling in. If your child cannot be left independently, we advise you to attend 1st position program even if your child is older. Just so that both parent and child can get used to the studio and teachers. We strongly recommend that you encourage your child to come into class independently. All new students are introduced to a buddy. We have found that children engage better in class when parents are not in the studio.

My child is very young and will not leave me, how will you support my child?

We encourage you to come for a studio tour and prepare your child for a fun and exciting ballet class. It can take 4-6 weeks for some children to settle. This is normal and we will reassure your child and support you in any way that we can. Please talk to Miss Ruth if you have concerns. We can also arrange for a video chat before you attend the studio so your child can get to know before coming to class.

What if my circumstances change and I can no longer attend class?

Always talk to Ruth and will do our best to support you any difficult times. If f you wish to leave RJS Ballet, we require *1 FULL months’ notice in writing and the fee for that month is payable You are always welcome back when your circumstances allow. Always talk to us to see if we have an alternative class that fits in with your schedule. *1 full month means the 1st of the month to the end – we cannot accept your months’ notice from mid-month as your place has been taken in class – thank you.

I have 2 children is there a discount?

We do not offer a sibling discount because places are limited in each class.

Can I watch class?

We hold open classes, and we encourage you and to get involved and support your child’s learning. You cannot watch class unless it is open week, children focus and progress quicker when parents are not in the studio. We do send videos and pictures home and some weeks the children like to show parents what they have learnt at the end of class as they are being collected.

Can I bring food and drink?

Please do not bring food or drink into the studio. We advise each child to bring water in a water bottle. If you stay for more than one class, please bring a non-messy snack e.g., a sandwich or a cereal bar. NO NUTS please due to students with allergies.


Can somebody else pick up my child?

Only if you tell us first. We will not let a child go home with somebody we do not know due to safeguarding.


Can my child leave independently?

We strongly advise against this for children under 16 years of age, this is due to safeguarding. If your child is 11 or older, you must provide a letter giving your permission for them to leave independently. RJS Ballet cannot be responsible for students once they leave the building. Any children under 11 must be collected and will not be able to leave without a parent. Thank you for your understanding.


How do you measure progress?

We have progress charts, exams and a yearly report. You can request a meeting at any time with the Principal to discuss your child's progress and to make an action plan.

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